Comparison of Transparency and Disclosure Practices in the Largest Middle East Economies

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Harvard Business Review Arabia – HBR Arabia; July 3, 2017

by Dr. Assem Safieddine and Leila Atwi 


The Middle East markets have been directing significant effort to grow and attract foreign investments. But are these markets playing the transparency card correctly? Is the public information sufficient to encourage investors’ market exposure?

Research suggests that corporate governance and the protection of shareholders’ rights have a well-documented role in attracting investments to an economy. The case is even more evident for emerging countries where investor rights and contract enforcement are not as secured by the legal institutions as in developed countries.

The article reports the results of a comparative analysis of the transparency practices adopted by the listed companies and stock exchanges in the three largest economies in the region: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

For more details, please check the full article in Arabic or English.

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