Accountability and Transparency at the Core

Corporate Governance Services

Accountability and Transparency at the Core

Corporate Governance Services

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B.e.e. is one of the first and most specialized governance consulting firms in the region.

B.e.e. is the perfect partner to walk companies through every step of a corporate governance restructuring program and build a governance culture that is engraved within their daily operations.

B.e.e.’s advisory team has provided enormous contributions to full-scale corporate governance restructuring programs with a special focus on the Middle East Region. Our expert consultants have provided as well advice and guidance on the regulations and practices of corporate governance set forth by international and regional regulators.

Backed by extensive exposure to corporate governance advisory services across the region, B.e.e. supports its clients in a wide array of deliverables:

Due Diligence: The first step of any governance restructuring program is a thorough assessment of the status and practices of corporate governance for the client highlighting specific areas of strengths and weaknesses.

The due diligence exercise is followed by a set of recommendations forming a comprehensive action plan or a governance restructuring roadmap.

Positioned among the most reliable governance advisory firms, B.e.e.’s experts assist clients in developing, or recommends adjustments to the drafts of governance related documentations, the most important being the governance code, the charters and terms of reference for the Board and committees and other governance organs, and key policies. The team carries out its commitment towards its clients and ensures that the governance action plans are followed through to implementation.

A cornerstone of appropriate implementation is building awareness among the concerned officers at the firm to governance and their role therein through a series of trainings and workshops delivered by our experts. The implementation phase is also supported by regular follow up on the progress.

Family Firm Governance

As a family business grows in size and nears transition to next generations, the challenges to sustainability and survival mount. Family firm governance is a building block of the process of mitigating such challenges.

B.e.e. assists its clients in setting the governance and family business infrastructure that ensures smooth transitions to generations to come, laying the foundations and frameworks for sustainability, setting the systems for management of “differences” within the family, and establishing long term family business prosperity, all within the guidelines of the family’s values and vision for the business.

B.e.e. offers corporate governance consulting services tailored to family firms, among which:

Corporate Governance Services

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