Always aiming for higher achievements

Passing our most priceless assets to clients

We believe that the depth and breadth of our team’s experience, their practical and theoretical exposure, and their analytical skills built over the years constitute the most priceless assets we pass on to our clients.

B.e.e.’s advisors have built extensive and lengthy expertise in matters of corporate finance, financial strategy, deal structuring, and corporate governance.

They have contributed to advanced theories of finance and have served as advisors to leading worldwide organizations. They have gained as well hands-on experience in taking companies through major governance and strategic restructurings and turning them to market leaders.

The competencies of B.e.e.’s advisors gained throughout years of experience in global markets and for leading companies in various industries are complemented by a deep understanding of the Middle East region, the dynamics of its markets, the structure and culture of its companies, and their emerging needs; giving them a strong edge in pinpointing the issues encountered and recommending the most suitable solutions.

B.e.e. commits to bring to each consulting assignment the specialized experts who have the valuable and exceptional competencies and who are able to pinpoint the client’s exact needs and deliver with professionalism.

This creates a rare mix of expertise that we bring together to form a consortium of value to your company.

Meet our team of advisors.