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Business Engineering and Strategic Consulting

Whether the client needs a complete revamping of the structure, a strategic plan, process re-engineering, or advice on strategy implementation, we make sure that the right answers and solutions are delivered.

Strategy Shaping

Competent strategies inspire and motivate.

B.e.e. supports its clients in their forward looking strategic planning. The advisory team assists in developing visions and missions, in setting short-term and long-term objectives, and in every step of the implementation route.

We acknowledge that strategic planning is not a stand-alone process. We take into consideration all surrounding factors such as the company’s human and capital resources, the competitive environment, the industry trends, and the economic and regulatory conditions.

Throughout the management consulting process, we help firms identify the strategic objectives that best fit their characteristics and the mechanisms to circumvent any obstacles.

Restructurings and Change Management

B.e.e. assists its clients in setting a successful and forward looking turnaround plan that aims at achieving their strategic and financial objectives. Under the company restructuring services, we tailor plans to fit each client’s operational and cultural settings as well as the external environmental dynamics. As such, we shape the restructuring in ways to leverage the capabilities of the company and capture existing and potential opportunities.

B.e.e.’s comprehensive management consulting framework lays the roadmap, recommends the right action plans, and follows up with the firm throughout the implementation phase. The process takes due consideration of the circumstances in place, the objectives’ timeline, and the foreseen internal responsiveness at the client firm.

Restructuring does not necessarily target distressed or struggling companies. Companies might have a potential to perform exceptionally better by turning things around. Restructurings may involve a review of the business portfolio and/or a reshaping of the organizational structure.

Business Portfolio Review

Restructuring plans may involve decisions to increase investments in selected existing business lines, add subsidiaries or divisions, or divest and spin-off.

B.e.e. provides companies with constructive business portfolio restructuring services, supporting their decisions of keeping or acquiring businesses, divesting business assets that are not aligned with the firm’s strategic direction and capabilities, or allocating resources in line with the long-term strategic targets.

Any decision would be backed by thorough analysis of the underlying strategic and financial factors. Depending on the alternatives in place, the company restructuring services would entail advice on the growth strategies and opportunities, expansion plans, mergers, alliances, among others.

Redesigning Organizational Structures

B.e.e. assesses the organizational structure in place and recommends the necessary changes, or redesigns an organizational structure that would warrant the attainment of strategic objectives, enable efficient communications, speed, and adaptability, and avoid duplication of efforts and waste of resources.

B.e.e.’s consulting services direct and support companies throughout their restructuring process. Given the circumstances in place, B.e.e. will develop a roadmap, recommend the right action plans and follow up with the client throughout the implementation phase.

Performance Measurement and Management

B.e.e. assists companies in evaluating the performance of business units and divisions, key managers, and the organization as a whole. The team identifies as well any factors or obstacles that might be preventing the attainment of objectives.

We thus identify the key performance indications (KPIs) that are aligned with the short-term objectives and long-term strategic goals. Based on the results, we guide clients in spotting the remedial courses of action.

We offer your firm a top tier management consulting service!