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Deal Structuring Services

Value-Adding Transaction Structuring Services

Backed by rigorous financial, strategic, and industry expertise, B.e.e. supports its clients in every step of structuring a value-creating deal underlying buy-outs, Mergers and Acquisitions, Takeovers, Private Equity, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, etc.

B.e.e. offers the most comprehensive transaction and deal structuring services covering the overall process:

  • Deal origination: identification and initial negotiations with targets or potential buyers.
  • Due Diligence on value drivers, operations, financials, external factors: We develop an understanding of the client’s objectives and undertake the due diligence of the value drivers, business operations, financial structures, and forecasts for general economic and market conditions. We highlight strategic opportunities and recommend risk mitigants.
  • Valuation techniques of the client or the target supported by B.e.e.’s investment analysis advisory and business valuation services.
  • Identification of synergies or cost savings, Unlocking integration value, Recommendation of risk mitigants: B.e.e. advises on the strengths and weaknesses of the client/ target and on the potential fit between the two parties in achieving the strategic objectives. We assess the opportunities for synergies or cost savings, unlock integration value, and pinpoint inherent risks.
  • Deal structuring services: B.e.e. provides constructive and objective advice in relation to transaction attractiveness, terms, pricing, payment methods, timing exit strategies.
  • Negotiations and transaction closing: B.e.e. supports the clients in undertaking the negotiations and improving their position; all to ensure that maximized value is being created.
  • Post-Deal: A key pillar of the transaction structuring services delivered by B.e.e. is to ensure sound deal execution and transition planning and support the client in mitigating the integration challenges.