Taking Customizable Solutions to a Different Level

Development of Financial Models

In today’s dynamic markets and environments, companies face a permanent need to assess the viability of their decisions moving forward. Capturing the most lucrative opportunities often requires that such decisions be made within short timeframes.

B.e.e.’s tailored, sophisticated, and integrated financial models provide instant and accurate answers to the most complex investment and financing issues.

The models are tailored and custom-made to the client’s needs, its structure, and nature of operations. They tackle:

  • Valuation/ Investment Evaluation models
  • Funding and Optimal Financing models
  • Sophisticated Value Creation models that integrate the investment and financing decisions
  • Working Capital Management and Budgeting
  • Appraisal and Asset Pricing models

B.e.e. has gained extensive experience in developing sophisticated financial models that integrate all investment and financing decisions encountered by and dynamically display the impact of each decision – or combination of decisions – on the corporate value created.