Providing solutions to the core challenges of financial strategy

Corporate Finance Advisory

B.e.e. assists clients seeking reliable corporate finance advisory services, including corporate finance planning and strategies.

For clients seeking answers to the core questions of financial strategy: where to invest the company’s funds or what are the optimal funding sources, B.e.e.’s experts offer the most suitable corporate finance advisory services and solutions relating to:

Investment Decisions:

B.e.e. assists in the evaluation of investment opportunities: thorough investment analysis services, project feasibility services, and valuation analysis, leading to constructive investment decisions.

Financing Decisions:

The challenge to secure the financial resources necessary to support strategic and investment objectives is mounting.

B.e.e., a top tier corporate finance consulting firm, assists its clients in every aspect of their financing decisions, including advice on decisions to raise equity or debt and setting the optimal capital structure. When the decision to issue debt or equity is made, our consultants provide their insights on the pricing and other terms of the financing scheme as well as on the optimal timing for issuing capital based on current and forecasted market conditions.

B.e.e. support firms in:

  • Decisions to raise equity or debt
  • Optimal capital structure advising
  • Capital Acquisitions, Initial Public Offering (IPOs) and Seasoned Equity Offerings (SEOs)
  • Private Placements of debt and equity
  • Advice on issues of structure, pricing, and timing of capital issuance
  • Private Placement Memorandum for projects/ companies that communicate the right message to targeted private investors. We deliver what is needed to facilitate and optimize the capital raising process for companies. In the process, the consulting team aims at raising the attractiveness of the project/ company to potential buyers.

Capital Deployment Decisions and Corporate Portfolio Optimization:

These services involve analysis of the firm’s portfolio of businesses and projects as well as analysis of the impact of changes in the portfolio composition on company performance. In delivering those services, our team of experts performs a thorough analysis of the client’s strategic direction, operations and activities, financial situation, business and economic environment, market conditions, etc. Within the frame of the clients’ objectives and the dynamics of the situation in place, our corporate finance consultants identify the various alternatives and advise on the means to maximize value.

B.e.e. support firms in:

  • Allocation of capital among business units/ projects
  • Decisions associated with Restructurings, refocusing, divestitures, spin-offs
  • Business/ Unit Portfolio Optimization
  • Due consideration of potential synergies, cost sharing, diversification and risk minimization, and value creation among projects / portfolio companies.

In delivering these corporate finance advisory services, B.e.e.’s experts perform a thorough analysis of the company’s strategic direction, operations and activities, financial situation, business and economic environment, market conditions, among others.

Within the frame of the client’s strategies, objectives and the dynamics of the situation in place, the firm’s conuslting team identifies the various alternatives and advises on the means to maximize value. All proposed financial solutions are followed by a progressive guidance reaching to a successful implementation.

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